Thursday, July 16, 2009

SPOT Cleaning Brushes

Spot cleaning your makeup brushes.
It is very important to clean your brushes after you have used them 2 or 3 times.
Cleaning your brushes helps the bristles of the brush...or its 'hair', stay very shiny, clean (without yucky bacteria), and soft.

IF you decide not to clean them, they wont last as long as their potential will allow them, and they wont feel very good, nor be may even get bacteria in your eye, which at the end causes eye infections.....*i really hope i grossed you out and persuaded you to start cleaning them =D*

The "better" options of the products you can use:

-MAC Brush Cleanser *very nice...doesnt smell very bad*
-Napolean Perdis...this is a cheaper version of the MAC brush cleanser, only it stinks alot more, therefore you MUST be in a well ventilated area =D


-Grab a clean towel.. and lightly spray a small area on it with the brush cleanser....
-On another area, with the dirty brush, wipe off excess grime onto the towel, make sure you do this, so as not to waste too much product trying to clean and making it easier to eventually clean with the product *if that made sense*

-Lightly spray the bristles/hair once, and let it sink into the brush for a few seconds...

-Hold the brush vertical to the towel, and in a back and forth motion, wipe the bristles onto should see all the grime that was inside the brush, and eventually the brush will turn back to its original color =D

-Let the brush dry, and repeat of necessary

NOTE: once you spot cleaned your brushes, leave them to stand for a night, because the chemicals are dangerous for your skin and will irritate it....

Hope this helped guys,



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