Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tutorial: Smokey Red Look

Hey guys, so today's look...Smokey Red Look!
hope you guys enjoy it...

LINK to YOUTUBE Tutorial:

-> Wales 40 color palette (number 364)

Wales 40 color palette: #364 (Orange with Red undertones, as base and focal point of eye)

-> 120 color palette (Matte Dark brown, Black Shimmer, and Matte White)

Matte dark brown as base, Matte white as highlight, Shimmer black as crease color

AND ..thats all the colours for the eyes,
-> Nars Eyeliner in Black Moon
-> Lash Blast Mascara in Black (waterproof)

The OUTCOME.........


NOTE: for the cheeks and lippies, i would suggest, a bronzer..something that has more of a brown undertone, rather than a pink blush..because you already have the different gradients of red on your eyes,
as for your lips, i think a similar color to your eyes would be nice, not to bright of a red, because you want your eyes to be the part of your face that stands out =]

Love ya'll~!

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