Saturday, September 5, 2009

Review: Sigma Brushes

Hey guys, I had a request from my Youtube account on Sigma Brushes (USA)
And, it was specifically requested that it should be reviewed in detail so here it goes, one by one....
starting with: the Sigma Pencil Brush SS219

(Left: Sigma SS219) (Right: MAC 219)
BACKGROUND: Sigma Brushes are a new developing company, which provides "quality" brushes, offering brushes with a variety of bristles as well as Brush holders and such. Sigma is a USA company which, as the numerals after the "SS" says, they are a sort of a dupe for the Mac Brushes, and only, sort of. They arnt exactely the same as Mac, as much as they attempt for it to be, appearance wise.
As this brush says, its a dupe of the MAC 219, as far as a 'dupe' for any infamous MAC brush goes, this is a very good copy of it, pretty successful too.
The handle: A wooden black handle with "Sigma USA" as well as the number printed on it, it looks more ghetto than the MAC numbers, but the handle, i guess is better than the MAC as the handle is slightly fatter, more wide and longer, it allows more control of where your brush goes on your eye. Although the downside to this is that you cant fit it into your Makeup purse very
As in the picture, the bristles are exactely the same, i would say that the sigma brush is slightly less dense and a tad longer, but all in all, they work magic, exactely the same as the MAC 219.
The quality of this brush overall is exemplar and as far as washing it and taking care of its bristles, very easy, and the plus side, IT DOESNT SHED...holy moley since when do we get non MAC brushes that dont shed?
So, that was all i have to say about this particular Sigma Brush, although not all theyre brushes are as good a quality as this particular pencil SS219 brush.

no, its not a smudger
If there was a company that came out with a brush with a rubber/sponge would be either nuts, or totally out of it, to purchase it.
A pencil brush, is basically a dense small round tapered brush that allows you to either define your crease, fake a crease, draw your crease, smudge your eyeliner, apply e/s on hard to reach places and other little things you might find hard to get to =D

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